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Areas of Expertise:

  • ERS Agent Trainings

  • Team Leader Duties

  • Daily Agent Duties

  • Agent On-Boarding

  • CRM Management 

  • DotLoop Software

Clayton Mulford

Trainer & Senior Agent 


Omaha, NE

Clayton started as an agent in 2010 and quickly had success by plugging into ERS's systems, launching him into a full-time career as a real estate agent where he continues to grow his business today. Clayton's role expanded to include agent on-boarding and training within Jeff's team. Clayton currently fills the roles of kwELITE's Productivity Coach and brokerage trainer. Within ERS, he's a Success Manager, Accountability Manager, and one of the main trainers every Monday and Wednesday for agent training.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Leadership

  • Agent Training

  • Growing a Team

  • Video Marketing

  • Lead Generation

Matt Mick

Team Leader - Lincoln Select

Lincoln, NE

Matt is the current co-team leader for the Lincoln Select Real Estate Group at Nebraska Realty in Lincoln, NE. He's been an agent since 2013 and team leader since 2017. Matt has grown his team to 20 agents, which closed 350 sides worth $80M in volume in 2020 - making his team #1 in Lincoln.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Exiting Sales

  • Recruiting

  • Motivation

  • Growth

  • Mindset

Logan Boyce

Team Leader - Montreal's Elite

Montreal, QB

Logan is the owner and Founder of Montreal’s Elite. Logan was part of the first ever to be coached and guided by ERS. After 10 years in the business and 5 years running a team, Logan embraces the CEO model and no longer actively sells, with his team generating 200+ deals and over $70M in volume.